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Welcome to A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited

With its instantly recognisable green and white livery and ‘three trees’ logo, the A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited fleet is a familiar sight on the nation’s roads, from Truro right up to Thurso and from busy motorways to winding country lanes. 

Thanks to our ever-growing fleet, we do more than haul goods - we connect businesses, building bridges between suppliers, producers and end users. 

We strive to create a more efficient and sustainable approach to logistics, helping our customers – whether they are big or small – grow their business with our bespoke, cost-effective delivery and distribution solutions.  

Our modern fleet comprises a wide range of vehicles, perfectly suited to a variety of jobs, whether it’s hauling logs from the heart of a Scottish forest or transporting bags of compost to a garden centre. We provide full flexibility, 24/7.  

But building bridges is a task that requires more than just the finest equipment – a great team is an essential part of the process. Behind the drivers is a large support network of highly skilled specialists including mechanics, trainers and planners.

Transporting Forest Products

Thanks to its ever-growing fleet of specialist vehicles, A.W. Jenkinson Transport meets the logistics requirements of the wider A.W. Jenkinson Group by hauling more than four million tonnes of wood products annually. The material, which includes virgin wood from forestry and sawmills, as well as waste wood from the construction, packaging and demolition sectors is collected from forestry sites, sawmills and other wood processing facilities throughout the UK and Ireland. 

A.W. Jenkinson Transport then ensures efficient onward delivery of the products to a range of end-users including farms, panelboard and paper mills and biomass power stations.

A Versatile Haulage Partner: A.W. Jenkinson Transport's Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

A.W. Jenkinson Transport also acts as the chosen haulier for a number of other businesses across a wide variety of industries. We offer a fast, reliable and environmentally friendly service for everyone from global corporations to small businesses.

  • Circularity & Our Sustaining Objectives

    Although A.W. Jenkinson Transport is a successful business in its own right, it is part of the A.W. Jenkinson family of companies. As such it contributes significantly to a circular economy based around the life span of wood, from seedling to sawdust. Modern low emission engines combined with effective load scheduling make financial sense while achieving the smallest possible CO2 footprint. 

    Circle of Wood

Maximum Efficiency and Unparalleled Customer Service

Every single one of the thousands of daily movements made by A.W. Jenkinson Transport vehicles is planned, tracked and analysed by our ever-growing traffic team. 

Our skilled and experienced Transport Controllers, many of whom are former drivers, have a detailed knowledge and understanding of the transport industry and can identify exactly what is required to ensure maximum efficiency and unparalleled customer service.