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Driver Training and CPC

Promoting Safety, Efficiency and Excellent Skills

At the heart of A.W. Jenkinson Transport’s core values is the quality of its drivers, and this focus continues to contribute to the success of the business. No investment has been spared to ensure that the highest standards of driving are maintained, and this is reflected in the Company’s latest ambitious recruitment campaign.

Comprehensive LGV Training and Induction Program

A.W. Jenkinson Transport employs a growing team of NRI/DSA LGV instructors across the UK, including at our Lockerbie, Runcorn, Sheppey and Chippenham and Penrith sites, to carry out extensive pre-employment driving assessments as well as deliver the Company’s nationally recognised driver CPC training scheme.  

New drivers who successfully complete the initial assessment then undergo a thorough induction programme to ensure they are fully aware of the Company procedures, health and safety requirements and the unique features of A.W. Jenkinson Transport’s specialised equipment. A particular focus is placed on the current rules and regulations that legislate drivers’ hours and working time, as well as the functionality of the tachograph, the device fitted to a vehicle that automatically records its speed and distance, together with the driver’s activity.

Approach for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

Every A.W. Jenkinson Transport vehicle is fitted with a telematics device which in addition to tracking the vehicle, also monitors key indicators such as harsh braking and cornering, accelerator position, fuel economy, tailgating, speeding and anticipation.  

This detailed information is monitored weekly by the Driver Training Team who then discuss the results with the drivers, with the aim to improve safety standards, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. This is essential for not only the safety of A.W. Jenkinson Transport drivers but also for other road users. 

Regulatory Adherence and Professional Driver Development

A.W. Jenkinson Transport also employs two full time compliance managers with a wealth of experience in UK and European legislation relating to haulage and logistics. This ensures that vehicles, drivers and operating centres are fully compliant with the relevant regulations and that the reputation of A.W. Jenkinson Transport as one of the leading hauliers in the UK is maintained. 

As part of their focus on quality driving within the wider A.W. Jenkinson Group, our Driver Trainers carry out licence acquisition training (Cat C and C+E), Module 4 training and examination, and ADR training for our own drivers and the wider public needing to haul dangerous goods such as fertiliser. They also help drivers maintain their all-important Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) cards.