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A Wide Range of Services

From Recyclables to Biomass Pellets, we Haul an Extensive Range of Products

Whether it’s hauling logs from the heart of a Scottish forest or delivering shavings to a racing yard in the Cotswolds, the A.W. Jenkinson Group offers a wide range of options for the transport of wood co-products, which form the heart of its business.  

However A.W. Jenkinson Transport also acts as the chosen haulier for a number of other businesses across a wide variety of industries. Our customers benefit from our unrivalled haulage, distribution and logistics skills and expertise, as well as a fleet of 800-plus vehicles that are perfectly suited to the job at hand.  

We offer a fast, reliable and environmentally friendly service for everyone from global corporations to small businesses.  We don’t compromise on quality or health and safety or the environment – in fact we are accredited with Quality Standard ISO 9001. 

Below features just a small selection of the wide range of products we distribute. 

Diversifying Beyond Wood Co-Products

Although historically A.W. Jenkinson Transport has focused mainly on the haulage of wood co-products, over recent years the growth of general haulage services for major national and global businesses has increased consistently.  

Our chipliner trailers regularly carry products as diverse as insulation supplies, kitchen and bathroom worktops or even noodles. 

Biomass Pellets

We act as the haulier for several of the UK’s major biomass power stations, which provide electricity for millions of homes up and down the country.  

This involves transporting vast quantities of sustainable, energy-dense wood pellets from sites such as the Port of Immingham on the Humber to the power plants, which are strategically placed across the country.   


As well as our own garden compost, which can be delivered in bulk or in bags, we haul more specialist products such as substrate for the mushroom farming industry. Made of a blend of materials such as minerals, straw and gypsum, it is pasteurised then inoculated with mushroom spores – or mycelium – to kick off the growing process. Time is of the essence when it comes to delivery from the manufacturer to the growers, as the product deteriorates as soon as it is inoculated. Our walking floors are perfectly suited to this job.

We Deliver Thousands of Tons of Feed and Fertiliser every Week

This factory-to-farm operation was one of the first services provided by A.W. Jenkinson when it was founded by Allan Jenkinson in the 1960s.  

The products are delivered by tippers or special bulk blower units, as well as walking floors. For smaller quantities, material can be delivered in bulk bags or sacks using a fleet of vehicles suitable for access to difficult-to-reach sites such as remote farms. 

Drivers hauling fertiliser are specially trained for the task and all hold an ADR licence for carrying dangerous goods by road.

Sustainable Transport Solutions

As the UK becomes more reliant on renewable energy for power generation, the drive to reduce the amount of wood disposed of to landfill has increased dramatically. A.W. Jenkinson Transport plays a key role in transporting all grades of recycled wood around the UK, both for biomass power generation and manufacturing. A.W. Jenkinson Transport collects both processed and unprocessed recyclable wood products, from a variety of sources, including skip yards, material recycling facilities, civic amenity sites and sawmills. After any necessary processing, the products are then delivered nationwide to power stations, panel board mills and other manufacturers. 

As well as the collection and delivery of recyclable wood, the business is also a major logistics provider for several leading recycling and reclamation businesses. A.W. Jenkinson Transport regularly transports used tins, paper, plastics and scrap metal to mixed recycling facilities assisting with the drive to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. A.W. Jenkinson Transport is also involved in the transportation of RDF (refuse derived fuel) away from UK landfill to energy recovery facilities throughout the UK. 

Road Salt Haulage

We use tippers and walking floor trailers to distribute products hauled from the UK’s largest and oldest working mine, situated approximately 150 meters under the Cheshire countryside. This includes vast quantities of sand and grit which are used on the country’s roads every winter.