• AWJ Scania Curtain sider Clifton Yard
  • AWJ Timber crane and skeleton trailers
  • AWJ Scania walking floor ullswater
  • AWJ Volvo walking floor

Introducing Our Fleet

At any one time, more than 700 vehicles are in operation on behalf of A.W. Jenkinson Transport. The vehicles operate from strategically placed depots throughout the UK, ideally positioned to service the specific requirements of our growing customer base.

The fleet comprises mainly articulated Scania and Volvo units, specified to our exact requirements so as to offer the reliability and flexibility our customers demand. All the units operated by A.W. Jenkinson Transport use Euro VI engines to ensure maximum efficiency and low emissions.

Trailers are primarily chipliners and walking floor trailers combined with a smaller number of bulk tipper units. The chipliners are ideal for transporting loose dry material, typically wood chip, wood fibre and recycled goods. They are roof-loaded but tipped by having the load pushed out of the open curtain sides using a loading shovel or similar vehicle. The roof-loading requirement is a consideration where limited headroom is a factor at a site.

The walking floor fleet is one of the largest in Europe. These trailers are often roof loaded, have rigid sides and operate a contra-sliding floor system that can ‘walk’ the load in and out making them ideal when there is limited access to heavy plant. The fleet is completed by several tipper units, together with a range of specialised trailers, ensuring that A.W. Jenkinson Transport has the capacity to deliver an unparalleled service, whatever the requirements of our customers.