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Forest Products, Forestry Support and Roundwood Transport

Using its specialist fleet of vehicles, A.W. Jenkinson Transport plays a key role in supporting the wider A.W. Jenkinson Group businesses by transporting nearly 4 million tonnes of wood co-products annually. Comprising mainly roundwood, chips, shavings, bark and green waste, the material is collected from forestry sites, sawmills and other wood processing industries throughout the UK. A.W. Jenkinson Transport then ensures efficient onward delivery of the product to farms, panelboard mills and biomass power stations.

Forestry Support

A.W. Jenkinson Transport continues to develop its harvest support capability to match the growing demands of the group and forestry businesses throughout the UK. The Company has invested heavily in its fleet of specialised units designed for roundwood collection directly from remote, upland plantation sites, as well as large volume mobile chipper units which have revolutionised the harvesting of raw material for renewable energy in or close to the forest.

On-Site Chipping

Working closely with the forest and land management sectors, A.W. Jenkinson Transport supports A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products’ fleet of high capacity mobile chippers and shredders. These provide a broad range of felling, extraction and processing services for forest owners, land agents, highways and parks departments.

Traditionally the material contained in ‘lops, tops and stumps’ and other material unsuitable for milling or pulping was left in the forest after the harvesting operation. As the demand for biomass fuel and peat free growing media has increased, exploitation of this additional fibre has become an essential part of the harvesting process.

A.W. Jenkinson Transport working alongside the fleet of chippers and shredders offers a nationwide logistics service, which ensures effective and efficient removal of processed material from anywhere in the UK.

From small one-off jobs to regular large-scale residue recovery contracts, A.W. Jenkinson Transport meets the operational requirements of its varied client base, realising the value of these residues and ensuring a safe and effective delivery solution to end markets.

Roundwood Transport

Over the last five years, the increase in generation of electricity from biomass power stations has resulted in growing demand for the supply of roundwood. In addition to skeletal and timber crane trailers being loaded at forest roadsides, A.W. Jenkinson Transport frequently collects imported consignments of roundwood from ports around the UK ready for the onward transport to biomass power stations or sawmills.