• AWJ Christmas Tree Recycle

A.W. Jenkinson Christmas Tree Recycle

In January 2018, A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products and A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited took part in Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice ‘Treecycling’ Campaign for the second year in a row, helping them to recover and recycle more than 2,600 Christmas trees.

Over £49,000 was raised to help people living with a terminal illness, with the Hospice commenting that every tree they collected and recycled equalled roughly one hour of care from their nurses.

The 2,600 Christmas trees were chipped directly into the back of an AWJTL walking floor trailer on site at three different locations by one of AWJFP’s Axtor chipper units. The material was then hauled to A.W. Jenkinson’s processing site at Whitchurch for use in the biomass market.

Christmas Trees
Komptech Chipper chipping christmas trees
Timber Crane Chipping with Komptech
Timber Crane Chipping with Komptech