Truxx Factor Show

A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited attended ‘Truxx Factor Show’ at Rockingham Raceway this September, with A.W. Jenkinson employees Jonny Butler and Darren Beech being awarded first place trophies, as shown pictured.

Jonny was up against a large variation of trucks with PX17 BXV in the ‘Best New Truck Category’ under 18 months old and came away with first place. Darren with C243 OHH was up against 51 other trucks in the Classic/Vintage Restored category and also came away with first place.

In August this year, A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited attended The Gloucestershire Vintage and Country Extravaganza, together with 300 other commercial vehicles.

With a show of 4 immaculate A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited trucks in the Commercial Section, a good day was had by all.

AWJTL Transport Controller, Darren Beech, was in attendance on the day, alongside drivers Jonathan Butler, Jamie Doick and Craig Clark.

For more information on the show, please visit their website:

Also in May this year, A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited entered a collection of trucks from its fleet into Truckfest South in Newbury.

A.W. Jenkinson drivers Jonathan Butler, Graham Miness, Gary Ersser, Jamie Doick, Russel Gray, Craig Clark and Craig Hurcombe were all entered into the ‘Best Kept Company Owned’ class, with Jonathan Butler and Graham Miness being presented with ‘Highly Commended’ awards.

Darren Beech, an A.W. Jenkinson traffic controller based at the Tetbury depot, was entered into the ‘Best Vintage or Retro Restored’ class with truck C243 OHH and was also presented with a ‘Highly Commended’ award. For more information on Truckfest South, please visit their website

C243 OHH has won similar awards so far this year, with 3rd place in the ‘Best Vintage or Retro Restored’ class at Santa Pod and 2nd place at Thruxton Truck Show.

Both Darren and Jonny were also involved in the ‘Gaydon Festival of Transport’ on the 28th May, where around 100 trucks take part in a charity road-run from Swindon up the Fosse Way, finishing at Gaydon Motor Museum.

The run involved a stop-off at Volvo UK to attend a 50th celebration of Volvo trucks in the UK. For more information on the festival, please visit their website

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